I remember a guy once told me that Marlboro already worked out all the marketing for when marijuana becomes legal.  “It’s just a matter of time, man.”

They’d be called Marlboro High’s, they’d be green like the picture above, and they’d cost $25.00 a pack.

Hahaha. EVERY stoner believes that. You gotta have hope right? Truth is when and if it does happen, the cigarette companies probably will get in on the game. However I’m pretty sure people will stick to the dispensary / home grown business model. The only difference being you wont need a fake prescription anymore.

 i think the price is a bit high, no pun intended, I think for the amount of pot that will start to become grown a pack can cost $12-$8, maybe in NY where a pack of cigs costs $8, they can go higher but avarage like $10.


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